Imprint Andy Redman


Published: 1991


34 pages


Imprint  by  Andy Redman

Imprint by Andy Redman
1991 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 34 pages | ISBN: | 3.72 Mb

In some respects, this is a better book than The Dark Wheel, in others, it is worse. Its more polished overall, but also a worse story at heart. Some details are really nitty-gritty and sell the fantasy of that world well, others — like the ending — are incredibly cheesy. It might be an interesting read if you want to get a feeling for the original Elite backstory, but not much beyond that. It isnt great fiction in and of itself.Recapping this original background I completely missed when I originally played the game hold a certain fascination to me.

Apparently this story was included in the Elite Plus manual and I am pretty sure that was the PC version I played back in the day. My second hand copy, however, never came with any manual as far as I can remember.

Maybe I originally read it but completely forgot about it? I dont know. In any case, Id only recommend this story to hardcore fans.

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